Est. 2010 We rent photobooths in the Metro Vancouver area. Top notch customer service and competitive pricing is why our customers keep referring us to their friends and families. 


We love interacting with guests and we always encourage them to kick it up a notch. We take pride in how we conduct our business behind the scenes and during the event. Therefore, you will always receive excellent customer service from the point of initial contact to after the event has concluded.

What makes PixelBooth special?

  • We have a large amount of props. Props that can hide your entire face, props that enhance your face, and props that are down right scary.
  • Our designer is excellent at what she does. She will listen to your instructions and recreate what you imagined for your template.
  • We have an actual booth! This means you can take your pictures in a private setting. You can get silly without feeling embarrassed.
  • Your guests get their print out right after they take their silly and outrageous photos!
  • It is also fun to play human tetris when a group of people want to all squish into the booth. The max number of people we have fit into our booth was 10 (it was nice and cozy).
  • Viewing the photos after the event on Facebook keeps the good times rolling. Be careful what you do inside our PixelBooth as your friends and family may want to comment on the photo after. They also make excellent Facebook profile pictures.
  • We never charge per print, it is always unlimited single copy prints.

What not to do inside our PixelBooth

  • Take off your clothes. Yes, it does happen. These photos will not be uploaded onto Facebook.

What you should be doing in our PixelBooth

  • Be as funny and creative as possible.
  • Come in the first time sober and see how your photos evolve throughout the night.
  • Dress up in our props!

As always, give us a shout through our contact form if you want to know more information about PixelBooth or Pixelgram.

Hope to see you soon!